Determine the Final Product

One of the requirements for Odyssey's ablility to apply a Workflow to a Job is that a 'Final Product' has been defined at the Product Workflow. The 'Final Product' can be considered the point at which the product will no longer have it's size altered. The 'Final Product' can also be considered the last process as part of production.

For example in a Brochures workflow, there may be packaging or boxing happening after a half-fold process. Once the half-fold process is complete, there would be no more processes that alter the size of the product. The half fold process may be the last process in the Workflow before boxing/packaging occurs. Therefore, a user would want to mark the half fold process as the 'Final Product'.

Odyssey indicates the Final Product as such:

Placing a checkmark next to the red 'F' in a process signifies to Odyssey that at the end of the process, this is considered the 'Final Product'; no more size transformations will be happening after this process. The product can still be boxed, shrink-wrapped, etc. but there will no more changes to the size of the finished product.

It is at this point that you could hand your customer the product: "Print buyer, please accept this completed brochure".

Odyssey may also change the bulb from red to green if this is the last requirement met for a completed Product Workflow.

 Green bulb: Odyssey sees a Final Product checked along with other requirements met

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