Completing a Product Workflow

Odyssey will consider a Product Workflow complete if the blinking bulb in the upper-left is green.

Reasons to check why the blinking bulb may still be red:

  • All processes' Inputs and Outputs must be defined
  • All processes need to be linked to at least one other process
  • The workflow needs to have a 'Final Product'

The following image shows the final process not linked to any other process. This is cause for a red blinking bulb.

A reason for the red blinking bulb: process not linked

When a user clicks on the red blinking bulb, there will be a list of tips to check to ensure the workflow is properly completed.

Example of a blinking red bulb

Once the unlinked process 'QC' (or Quality Control) was removed from this workflow, the bulb changed to green. Odyssey considers this workflow complete.

Example of a blinking green bulb

Items to Note Regarding Workflows

Workflows within Odyssey can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. You might keep things simple like the brochure workflow example above, or you might choose to be more thorough and add processes such as pre-flighting, boxing, multiple fold options, or more. You may create a process within your workflow for anything that requires an action within your production cycle for completing a job.

Because each printer’s workflows are unique to them, Odyssey provieds users blank canvas to start with to create your workflows.

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