Estimates: Waiting for Response tab

Updated at January 7th, 2022

Estimates that are waiting for a customer response will show up under Estimates > Waiting for Response.

Within this tab, an Odyssey user can do one of five tasks:

  • Add a new estimate from scratch
  • Create a new workflow
  • Edit an existing workflow
  • View the estimate
    • This is assuming a workflow has already been created for the estimate
  • View the workflow for the estimate

Example of Estimates Waiting For Customer Response

To create a new estimate from scratch select the 'Create Estimate' Button and follow along with the 'Estimates: Creating a New Estimate' article. 

To create a new workflow or edit an existing workflow from within 'Estimates Waiting For Customer Response':

Example of a custom workflow for an estimate within 'Estimates Waiting For Customer Response'

To view an estimate's workflow:

  • Select the 'Estimates' tab
  • Select the 'Workflow' button next to the estimate needing to have its workflow viewed
  • Refer to 'Estimates: Requested tab' to fine-tune and process the estimate