Accounting: Credit Memos

Updated at September 30th, 2021

Odyssey allows users to add credit to a customer's account, which could be applied to future orders. A future order by the same print buyer can have credit applied when receiving a future payment.

  • Select the 'Accounting' tab
  • Select 'Credit Memos'
  • Select a customer from the drop-down under 'Customer'
    • The customer's address will automatically prepopulate under 'Billed To:'
  • Enter in the credit memo date under 'Credit Memo Date'
  • Enter in a detailed comment under 'Description'
  • Select an account under 'Account'
    • This account would be where you want to offset the credit being applied
  • Enter in the amount of credit under 'Amount'
  • Select the box under 'Taxes' if the credit is taxable
  • Select 'Save' if a PDF is not needed at this time
  • Select 'Save and print' if you would like to view/save a PDF of the credit memos

Example of a credit memo

  • Select 'View Credit Memos' to view past credit memos added for your customers
  • Select a customer from the 'Customer' drop-down
  • Select 'Print' next to a previously added credit memo to view or print the PDF of the credit memos for the selected customer
  • Select 'Close' when completed in this section of Accounting

Example of a saved credit memo

Example of a credit memo viewed as a PDF