Accounting: Receive Payments

Updated at September 30th, 2021

Odyssey allows a user to post a payment to an invoice.

To post a payment for an invoice:

  • Select 'Accounting'
  • Select 'Receive Payment
  • Choose a customer under 'Customer'
  • Choose an invoice by one of two ways:
    • Select an invoice under 'Open Invoices'
    • Type in the invoice number under 'Find by invoice no.'
  • Add a payment date under 'Payment date'
  • Enter in the amount to be received under 'Amount Received'
  • Choose a payment method under 'Payment method'
  • Enter in a reference number under 'Reference no.'
  • Choose an account to deposit the funds under 'Deposit to:'
  • Choose a credit(s) to apply under 'Credits'
    • Note: If there are no credits available for the selected customer, Odyssey will show 'There are no records to show'
  • Select 'Save'

Example of the 'Receive Payment' tab filled out with no Credits

Example of the 'Receive Payment' tab filled out with Credits