Odyssey v2.1: Release Notes

Here's what's been happening in Odyssey v2.1...

Released: 4/07/2022
Version 2022.07

  • Printers are now able to assign a resource to more than one process group when creating a new or editing an existing resource
  • There is now the ability to select the resource group when adding or editing a resource as part of a pop-up modal for ease of assigning to an 'Other' process group
  • Printers can select to view a Job workflow between the 'card' view or the 'list' view of processes
  • A product workflow can be viewed in the 'list' view when there are no nodes as part of the workflow
    • This is accomplished by selecting the icon to the left of the lightbulb:
  • Improvements have been made to the 'My Files' modal, including:
    • The ability to sort each column
    • The ability to perform a search among all file names
  • Improvements have been made in the steps to creating a 'Simple' product workflow, including:
    • There is a pop-up modal prior to creating a simple workflow, explaining what to do at each step
    • There are now four steps instead of three: Conditions, Processes, Resources, and Resource Calculations
  • There is now consistency throughout all of Odyssey for the 3-dot menu
    • The icons and colors within the 3-dot menu are the same across all locations within Odyssey where the menu is available

Released: 3/24/2022
Version 2022.06

  • There have been improvements made to the process modal when adding processes to a workflow
    • There are now three columns in the pop-modal when adding processes to a workflow
    • The first column allows a printer to determine how they want to search/find a process: By showing 'All' processes, by only viewing 'Suggested' processes which will show the recent, commonly used processes to choose from, or by selecting a specific Process Group to view processes within the group
    • Upon selecting a process to be added to the workflow, the list within the second column titled 'Available Processes' is adjusted to show processes the printer has previously used being connected to the selected process
    • The 'Search' functionality within the 'Available Processes' column is used to search for processes within the list of processes in that column
    • The third column will present to the printer the current processes already used in the workflow as well as any processes that have been selected to add to the workflow
  • The printer will see a new modal with three steps when adding new processes to Odyssey: Identify, Build, and Set Calculations
    • In the 'Identify' step, printers will provide the process name, identify it as a Production or Post-Production process, and select the process group the process will belong to
    • In the 'Build' step, the process requirements will be added.
      • For every process requirement, the printer must set the resource group. 
      • Predefined resources and setting a default resource will also be available
      • For post-production processes, the printer will be able to adjust the resource group for the result of the process even though the default of 'Component' is set
    • In the 'Set Calculations' step, the printer will be able to set a default calculation for every predefined resource of a process requirement
  • When adding a process to a workflow, the list of selectable resources will be limited to the predefined resources of a process.
    • If there is a resource set as a 'default', that resource will automatically be selected to be used in the process. The printer may adjust the automatically selected resource if needed.
  • The printer will now have the ability to add their own process groups
    • When adding a process, the printer now has the ability to access a modal allowing the choice of a process group for the process
    • The printer can choose between process groups already used or created, or the system-added process groups
    • If a new process group is needed, select the 'Add new group' button to create a new process group.
      • The new process group will then be associated with the new process being created

Released: 3/11/2022
Version 2022.05

  • There have been improvements made to how 'Simple' workflows are created, including:
    • There is an extra 'help' box at the top of the 'Define your workflow' screen to provide information depending on if a printer is editing the order form answers of an existing Simple workflow or creating a new Simple workflow based on a copy of another Simple workflow.
    • Once a printer is complete with building a Simple workflow, selecting the 'Finish' button will produce a pop-up modal letting the printer know they can add it to the 'Advanced' workflow
      • Selecting 'Add to Advanced Workflow' will then automatically add the Simple workflow to the Advanced workflow
    • Selecting a Simple workflow name will allow printers to view and edit the workflow
    • Hovering over the icons to the right of Advanced and Simple workflows will provide information as to what those icons can do
  • There have been improvements in the way estimates from scratch are created, including:
    • Different screens are used to define the customer, providing the estimate specifications, and building the estimate workflow
    • Printers are able to select previous steps of the estimate at the top of the screen
      • These are the circles labeled 'Select a customer', 'Estimate information', and 'Workflow details'
    • The customer name and email is shown in the upper-right throughout the entirety of the estimate
    • When selecting an existing product workflow to be used for an estimate from scratch, the following will take place:
      • The printer will be able to select the order form answers in order for Odyssey to choose possible product workflows based on the answer
      • The printer will then be able to select from a list of eligible product workflows based on the order form answers selected in the previous modal
    • Upon ordering the processes needed for the estimate, the 'Link automatically' button will link all the processes in the order they are listed
    • Upon linking the processes using the 'Link automatically' button when creating an estimate workflow, the last 'Production' process is automatically determined as the 'Finished Product' (the flat, unfolded size)
      • This will also be reflected once the estimate is converted to a job
    • When editing an existing Estimate workflow such as adding or removing links or adding and removing processes, the 'Final Product' is automatically reconfigured
  • The result of 'Production' processes are now automatically selected
    • Printers will no longer need to set 'Output' resources within each Production process result
      • Odyssey will automatically fill in the result of each Production process
    • The calculations that take the 'Quantity From' result of each process will be set independent of the resource
      • The calculations will apply no matter the resource automatically set according to the linking with the next resource
    • When selecting a process within a product's simple workflow, Odyssey will retain the list view without the need for additional pop-up modals
    • When viewing Estimate or Job workflows, the result of each 'Production' process will show as a label

Released: 2/25/2022
Version 2022.04

  • Printers will see updates when accessing the 'My Products' page
    • Product workflows will show existing (legacy) workflows as well as newly created 'Advanced' workflows
    • Legacy workflows will have the workflow icon grayed out. This icon is meant to show these workflows were created prior to v04
    • Printers may add a 'Simple' workflow as part of an 'Advanced' workflow by:
      • Starting from scratch or
      • Use an existing 'Simple' workflow to copy in order to edit the copied 'Simple' workflow
  • Printers are now able to receive a payment at a Company or Branch level
    • Invoices and credits for all customers at the Company or Branch level will be viewable based on the Company or Branch filter
  • Estimates in which a price was manually overridden will show a pin icon next to the selling price

Released: 2/11/2022
Version 2022.03

  • Printers will have a dashboard on the homepage of Odyssey
    • Printers can pin items from the top ribbon to the middle section of the dashboard
    • The left-hand vertical bar provides additional information with action buttons and recent activity
  • Printers will now be able to create a 'Simple' workflow in a similar manner as to how custom estimates are created
    • If processes for this simple workflow are not yet linked, they can be re-ordered by a drag-and-drop feature in the list view
    • Upon processes being reordered to the correct order, they can then be automatically linked together
  • There have been improvements in the 'Estimates' section, including:
    • The final process of an estimate will be automatically selected when creating a custom estimate
    • The printer may select post-production processes in both the list and card view of the workflow
    • Once a resource is selected in the last normal process, the label indicating that this is the final product will be shown
  • Additional information will be provided if a printer is not able to edit the cost of Media resources
    • If the cost of a Media was never set, the 'Quick edit' feature will be disabled for Media resources without a cost
    • If the Media resource has been set as 'No Cost', the 'Quick edit' feature will be disabled
  • When adding a new device resource, there is now a tool-tip related to the 'Process group' drop-down under 'Base Information'
  • A filter is now available related to 'Device' resources in which the printer can determine if they want to see all devices belonging to a specific process group or if the printer would rather see a list of all devices
    • This will show up in a Product workflow in which a specific device has not been set

Released: 1/28/2022
Version 2022.02

  • Within Accounting > Receive Payment modal, the filter to drill down to a Company, Branch, or Customer has been enhanced to mimic the Workflow tab on the website
    • Typing in the 'Search' field will narrow down the Company, Branch and Customer fields to match the search
    • If a Company is selected, the Branches and Customers belonging to the Company will be available to choose from
    • If a Branch is selected, the Customers belonging to the branch will be available to choose from
  • Device resources can belong to a 'Process Group'
    • When printers are selecting a device in a Job workflow or an Estimate workflow, Odyssey will default to only show devices that belong to the process group

Released: 1/14/2022
Version 2022.01

  • The printer will be able to add a 'New Estimate' from the main Estimates menu tab
  • When creating an estimate from scratch, the printer will be able to pick a product order form to relate to the estimate and also choose an existing product workflow as the custom estimate workflow
    • In order to pick a valid path when choosing a product order form, printers will answer the questions from the order form relating to the product.

Released: 12/30/2021
Version 2021.49

  • When adding a new estimate from Odyssey, the printer will be able to see the expiration date pre-filled with the date 30 days from today
  • Printers are now able to take into consideration media thickness when testing a device's speed setting
  • The name of the device now shows up on the 'Run Speed' screen
  • The values entered for Long Run or Fixed Speed are saved even if one of the speed settings are not being used
  • Printers can now add a custom quantity calculation based on another quantity type of input question from the order form
    • This feature is found within the 'Advanced Options' section of calculations
  • The printer is now able to switch between two different workflow views for estimates: List view of the estimate's workflow processes or card (box) view of the estimate workflow processes
    • Once the estimate workflow processes are in the needed order, the printer can now have Odyssey link the processes automatically
    • The links of the estimate's workflow are marked accordingly in the 'list' view of processes
    • Printers are able to add links in the 'list' workflow view of processes
    • Printers are able to remove processes in the 'list' workflow view
    • Printers can now link a process between two other processes and maintain the linking of the newly added process

Released: 12/17/2021
Version 2021.48

  • When creating a new product workflow, there is the option to add a "Simple workflow" that will guide the printer step-by-step in setting up the simple workflow
    • In the first step, the printer is able to add Production and Post-Production processes, create a new process and order the processes as needed
    • In the second step, the printer is able to add resources to the inputs and outputs of the linked processes
    • In the third step, the printer is able to add calculations to the resources within the processes
  • When adding a new process, the printer will be able to add the processes and define the inputs and outputs in a more defined method
  • When changing a Pending job's quantity, the printer will have three choices to choose from, each choice showing the price and profit change adjustment that will be set for the chosen radio button:

Released: 12/03/2021
Version 2021.47

  • Device and Tool resources have additional speed configurations available
    • While adding a new Device or Tool resource, there is a 'Run Speed' screen directly after setting up the cost for the resource
    • Also, printers may select the 'clock' icon (named 'Speed Settings') to be taken directly to the 'Run Speed' screen to add/edit Run Speed settings for the resource
    • Printers may now add a fixed speed or variable speed (Long Run)
    • Printers may now test the run speeds added for the resource under the 'Test Your Speed' section
    • Printers may now add in a 'Setup Time' that will be added to the device total time for a job
    • There is now the ability to add conditions based on media thickness that may affect run speed
  • Printers will now see the Selling Price within the Pending, In Progress, and Completed Jobs tabs
    • The 'Selling Price' column is also sortable
  • Printers will now be able to filter jobs within the Pending, In Progress, and Completed Jobs tabs by the 'Date Added' column
  • Printers may now edit the 'Expiration Date' of a from-scratch estimate

Released: 11/19/2021
Version 2021.46

  • Creating estimates from scratch has received many updates which includes:
    • Printers are able to add a size while creating an estimate from scratch. This can be a predefined size from a list of common sizes or a custom size
    • Additional configurations are now available to be set before the estimate from scratch workflow screen:
      • Printers can reorder the processes into the order they choose
      • Processes can be opened up to see their Inputs and Outputs
      • The printer will be able to set resources for the processes
      • The printer can set which process contains the finished size
      • The printer will be able to add notes to processes
    • Printers can now change the quantity of the first of the three estimate copies for an estimate created from scratch
  • Printers are now able to add weight (in lbs) to the MiscConsumable resources when adding the resource as new or if editing the existing resource
  • The changes in weight of a media resource will be reflected throughout the processes of a job workflow
  • Printers can now sort the columns within 'Pending' and 'In Progress' jobs

Released: 11/5/2021
Version 2021.45

  • Resources and templates now have the ability to inherit the cost from the parent template that they belong to
  • Any resources and templates added under the parent template will inherit the cost from the parent template by default
  • Printers can decide if when creating a new resource that is to belong under a template, if they do not want the resource to inherit the cost from the parent template
  • The printer can now add in costs for a resource during the process of adding a new resource
  • The cost icon ($) or 'Cost Settings' tab when selected, will take a printer directly to the 'Resource Cost' screen of the resource
  • Printers will now have a 'Cost log' showing all changes made to the cost of media resources

Released: 10/22/2021
Version 2021.44

  • Printers will be able to view the media resource group screen between two tabs: the first one with all their papers; the second one with all their templates
  • In the 'Templates' tab (of media resources), printers will be able to select a template to see the templates under this template and its resources
  • The media resources are presented in a table with the main columns defined, one of which is the cost that printers will be able to change with a 'Quick edit' button as a bulk action
  • The columns in the list of media resources can now be reordered
  • Printers will now be able to filter the media resources list by tags, paper type and availability
  • Printers will now be able to search for a specific media resource using the 'Search' function on the main media resources page
  • Printers will now be able to export the list of media resources as a CSV or PDF file
  • The style of the buttons that allow printers to 'Start' and 'Complete' processes in a job have been changed to more clearly define a process has not been started, has been started and has been completed
  • Printers will see a friendly and more informative error screen when a job cannot be opened for a specific workflow
  • The list of 'Requested' estimates is more evenly distributed on the screen
  • The cost associated with the product (set in My Products > Cost Settings) will be displayed for the estimates that comes from an order form that has the Cost Settings set up
  • Printers will now be able to add waste (as a quantity or percentage) to calculations associated to post-production processes
  • The omnisearch tool now searches within 'Files' and 'Tags'

Released: 10/8/2021
Version 2021.43

  • For estimates that come in from an order form, printers will now be able to select from an existing Product workflow, a workflow from another estimate, or create a workflow from scratch to apply to this estimate
  • For estimates that do not begin from an order form, printers are able to select a workflow from an existing estimate or create a workflow from scratch to apply to this estimate
  • Within an estimate's workflow, a printer will be able to link a process to another without using the 'Link' modal that is found within Product workflows.
    • In other words, a printer will simply be able to select the input and output to be linked directly on the estimate's workflow screen
  • Within an estimate's workflow, printers will be able to see the estimate's cost, quantities, and estimated due date as soon as the printer makes a change to the workflow
  • Within an estimate's workflow, printers will be able to create two additional quantities to compare costs and estimated delivery date between three total quantities
  • Within an estimate's workflow, printers may now approve the original quantity or one of the other two quantities on behalf of the printbuyer
  • Within an estimate's workflow, printers may change the price for any of the three quantities
  • Within an estimate's workflow, printers may adjust the quantity for the 2nd and 3rd quantity
  • In the Estimates > Requested screen, printers will now be able to open the 'Estimate' modal once they have configured a workflow for the estimate

Estimate modal will be available when a workflow has been created for an estimate

Released: 9/29/2021
Version 2021.42

  • Printers will see an Alert when the printbuyer answers a question from within the 'Questions that need to be answered' section of their Account
  • Printers will now be able to select multiple resources at once to add tags
  • Printers will have new tagging functionality to add, rename, and delete tags from resources
  • When adding or editing a single resource, printers will be able to see the tag(s) that are assigned to the resource
  • When selecting resources, printers will see the already added tags that can be selected to add for additional resources under 'Add tags'
  • Tags added at the template level will be inherited for resources added to the same template
  • When adding a unit of measurement for a resource, the printer will see a drop-down with the units available to choose from
  • When opening a job workflow, an error message will be provided if the conditions to apply in the product workflow results in more than one valid path that the job can take    
    • This would be regarding a specific node and it's associated conditions to apply needing to be reviewed
    • Odyssey will also provide a direct link to the product workflow from the error message
  • Printers will now see a list of processes and nodes on the left-hand side of the screen within a product workflow
  • Printers will now be able to mark a process as 'post-production' or 'process'
    • This replaces printers having to mark a process considered the 'final' process
    • Post-processes will show as blue

Released: 9/10/2021
Version 2021.41

  • Printers will now see a 'Due Date' and 'Estimated Completion Date' column within 'Pending' and 'In Progress' Jobs tabs
  • Employees that have been assigned a task for a job will now see the job's 'Due Date' and 'Estimated Completion Date' within their 'My Calendar' pop-up modal
  • While in the 'Calculations' modal of a resource within a workflow, printers can now sort the 'Resource' and 'From' columns ascending or descending
  • Printers may now add a 2nd question from the order form as part of the calculation
    • Example: A printbuyer may order 10 sets of blueprints with 10 pages per set. The final quantity of the order is still '10' but Odyssey will be able to multiple the 10 sets x the 10 pages to come up with a total quantity for the needed calculation(s)
  • Printers will see the Alert messages have been updated to the following format: "There is a new <order, estimate> with Job ID: <###> requested on <year-month-day> from <customer>. It's ready to go."
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