All about the 'Jobs' tab: In Estimating jobs

Updated at September 30th, 2021

The 'Jobs' tab contains seven sub-tabs:

  • Unsubmitted
  • In Estimating
  • Waiting for price approval
  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • Waiting for Payment
  • Completed

Jobs that are 'In Estimating' are jobs in which print buyers have requested an estimate from the website. Odyssey saw there was a workflow assigned to the order form but a price could not be determined at the time the printbuyer submitted the job.

Example of 'In Estimating' jobs

  • Users may select the Job Number's 'i' icon  to reveal the website's Control Center Order and Job number.
  • Selecting the 'Estimates' tab will allow a user to select the workflow that was assigned to the order form at the time the estimate was placed
    • Additional workflows that belong to the order form are listed under 'Other Workflows'
  • Selecting the top workflow from the 'Estimates' tab will allow a user to do the following:
    • Add Job Notes using the Notes icon
    • Edit the 'Confirmed Estimate' name of the estimate
    • Re-estimate the anticipated start date
    • Add missing calculations to resources by selecting the  icon
    • Edit the price
    • Add a description for the price change
    • Reset the estimate back to the price it was prior to editing the estimate
    • Send the Estimate to the printbuyer for approval
    • Open, download or save the estimate's PDF
    • Approve the estimate on behalf of the print buyer

Example of editing a requested estimate in Odyssey

  • Once the estimate is approved, whether by the printbuyer or by the Odyssey user, it moves into the Jobs > Pending tab.