All about the 'Jobs' tab: Waiting for Price Approval Jobs

Updated at September 30th, 2021

The 'Jobs' tab contains seven sub-tabs:

  • Unsubmitted
  • In Estimating
  • Waiting for price approval
  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • Waiting for Payment
  • Completed

Jobs that are 'Waiting for Price Approval' are jobs in which the Odyssey user is waiting for the print buyer to accept or reject the price of the job.

Example of 'Waiting For Price Approval' jobs

  • Users may select the Job Number's 'i' icon  to reveal the website's Control Center Order and Job number.
  • Selecting the 'Estimates' tab will allow a user to select the workflow that was assigned to the order form at the time the job was placed
    • Additional workflows that belong to the order form are listed under 'Other Workflows'

Example of multiple workflows under the 'Estimates' drop-down

  • Selecting the top workflow from the 'Estimates' tab will allow a user to do the following:
    • Add Job Notes using the Notes icon
    • Edit the 'Confirmed Estimate' name of the estimate
    • Re-estimate the anticipated start date
    • Add missing calculations to resource by selecting the  icon
    • Edit the price and add a description for the price change
    • Reset the estimate back to the price it was prior to editing the estimate
    • Open, download or save the estimate's PDF
    • Approve the estimate on behalf of the print buyer

Example of editing a job waiting for price approval

  • Once the estimate is approved, whether by the printbuyer or by the Odyssey user, it moves into the Jobs > Pending tab.