All about jobs: Weight

Updated at December 13th, 2021

Odyssey can calculate the final weight of the job if the weight (in gsm) has been filled in for Media and/or MiscConsumable resources that are used for the job.

Example: Job workflow - weight determined for processes

  • Printers need to ensure their Media and MiscConsumable resources have weight added back at the 'Resource Attributes' screen

Example of a Media resource with a weight of 120 gsm

  • Once the weight of the Media and MiscConsumable resources have had their weight added, Odyssey will use this value to determine the weight (in lbs) of the job within each process of the job
  • In the example below, the first process initial weight is 22.38 lbs
  • At the last process, the weight of the job has dropped to 17.59 lbs

Example of a job with weight calculated for each process