Accounting: Invoices

Updated at September 30th, 2021

Odyssey allows a user to generate invoices for completed jobs as well as edit invoices.

To generate an invoice:

  • Ensure the job is 'Completed'
  • Select 'Accounting'
  • Select 'Invoices'
  • Select 'Generate Invoice' next to a completed job

To edit an existing invoice:

  • Select 'Accounting'
  • Select 'Invoices'
  • Select 'Edit Invoice' to edit a generated invoice
    • A user may edit the invoice as needed within the editable fields
  • Fill in the terms of the order under 'Terms' if desired
  • Edit the shipping method (if desired) under 'Shipping Method'
  • Fill in a P.O. number if necessary under 'P.O. Number'
  • Fill in comments or instructions if needed under 'Additional Comments or Instructions'
  • Select the 'plus' sign if a new line needs to be added to the invoice
  • Enter in the Description, Quantity and Price as needed for the newly added line
  • Select a chart of accounts under the 'Account' column
  • Deselect the checkmark in the 'Taxes' column if the newly added line is non-taxable
  • Select 'Save changes' if changes were made to the invoice

To print an invoice:

  • Select 'Accounting'
  • Select 'Invoices'
  • Select 'Print Invoice' next to a completed job
  • Save the PDF file or open within the user's browser

Example of the 'Invoices' tab under Accounting