Estimates: Requested tab

Updated at July 16th, 2024

User Guide for Requested Estimates Screen

Overview: The Requested Estimates screen in Odyssey's estimating module provides an overview of all estimates that have been requested but not yet processed. This screen allows users to manage and track requested estimates efficiently, offering essential details such as customer information, company, estimate name, product name, the date the estimate was added, and if the estimate has an associated estimate workflow.

Regarding estimates, there are decisions points an Odyssey user will need to resolve before an estimate job can have a workflow applied to it. These decision points will help ensure the estimate workflow is tailored to the specific estimate being requested.

Key Features and Components

  1. Requested Estimates Count

    • The screen displays the total number of requested estimates, highlighted in a blue box (e.g., 175).
  2. Search Bar

    • A search bar allows users to type and search for specific estimates by various criteria such as customer name, estimate name, or product name.
  3. Create Estimate Button

    • A green button labeled  enables users to initiate a new estimate directly from this screen.
  4. Requested Estimates List

    • The list displays detailed information about each requested estimate in a tabular format with the following columns:
      • Id: Unique identifier for each estimate.
      • Customer: Name of the customer who requested the estimate.
      • Company: Name of the company associated with the customer.
      • Estimate Name: Description or name of the estimate.
      • Product Name: Product associated with the estimate.
      • Date Added: Date when the estimate was added to the system.
      • Actions: Icons for quick actions (view or build the estimate workflow).
  5. Pagination Controls

    • Located at the top right, these controls allow printers to navigate through multiple pages of requested estimates.
    • Options to select the number of rows per page (e.g., 60) are available.

How to Use the Requested Estimates Screen

  1. Viewing Requested Estimates

    • Upon accessing the screen, printers can see a list of all requested estimates with relevant details.
    • Scroll through the list to view more estimates or use the pagination controls to navigate between pages.
  2. Searching for Specific Estimates

    • Use the search bar to quickly find specific estimates by entering keywords related to the customer, company, estimate name, or product name.
  3. Creating a New Estimate

  4. Managing Requested Estimates

    • Each row in the list represents a requested estimate, showing key information that helps in identifying and managing these estimates efficiently.
    • Use the action icons to perform quick tasks such as building an estimate workflow or viewing detailed information about the estimate.

Tips for Efficient Use

  • Regularly check the requested estimates to ensure timely processing and follow-up with customers.
  • Utilize the search functionality to save time when looking for specific estimates.
  • Keep track of the date added to prioritize follow-ups based on how long an estimate has been in the requested status.

Example of a list of 'Requested Estimates'