Updated at December 13th, 2021

The Cost of a resource‍ is added or edited by clicking on the $ icon to the right of a resource name:

When adding/editing the cost, think of the cost as the 'base' or 'roughly right' cost for that resource. For instance, a digital printer may run $.059/click as the 'base' or majority of the time cost. That $ value (per click cost) is what is filled in under 'Cost'. You may also define the 'Quantity', 'Min to Use' and 'Hourly Rate' after selecting the 'Cost' icon.


Note: Unit of Measurement

If the Unit of Measurement needs to be adjusted as you're adding/editing Cost for the resource, save/close the "Cost" pop-up window, then select the pencil icon to edit the 'Unit of Measurement' for that resource.

Attention: For Devices only

The 'Hourly Rate' could be thought of as a Budgeted Hourly Rate (BHR) and can be used in conjunction with the cost of the device or used alone without the cost filled in. 

An example: Perhaps your printshop leases a digital printer and you want to ensure to capture the cost of that machine needed to run on your shop floor. The 'Hourly Rate' would be an area to input that average hourly rate for that machine.

Example of Cost for a digital printer

Media resources do not have Hourly Rate- they simply have Cost, Quantity, Min to Use: and In blocks of: available to fill in.

Example of Cost for a Media resource

Component resources may also have a 'Cost' filled out. Examples may include boxes or print-ready files.

Example of Cost for Component resource

2nd example of Cost for Component resource

No Cost

If a resource should be considered no cost, meaning it would not have a cost associated with it and does not need to be a part of workflow calculations, there is a 'No Cost' toggle in Odyssey.

  • Select the $ icon to the right of a resource name:
  • Toggle the 'No Cost' to 'Yes'
    • The fields above 'No Cost' will then become grayed out
  • Select 'Save'

Example of a 'No Cost' resource

If after adding a resource a printer needs to go back to add/edit the cost of said resource, selecting the  (Cost Settings) icon will take a user directly to that resource's 'Resource Cost' screen.

Example of editing a resource's cost after the resource was already added