Devices: Unavailability's Rules

Updated at September 30th, 2021

You can tell Odyssey when your devices are not available to be used for scheduling purposes. Perhaps a particular piece of equipment is not available at a certain time of day or you would like to ensure the first of the month is set aside to inspect the device.

To set a device's unavailability hours:

  • Select 'Printshop'
  • Select 'My Resources'
  • Select the 'Device' resource group
  • Select the calendar icon next to a device

Short video showing where to find the calendar icon for a device

  • Set a Periodicity
  • Set a start and end date, and the hour/minute for the start and end date
  • Select 'Save'

Example of a digital printer made unavailable 8:00 AM the 1st of each month

Refer to the below short video for setting up the unavailability for a digital press.