Devices: Run Speed

Updated at December 13th, 2021

The Run Speed of a 'Device' (or Tool) resource‍ is added/edited by one of two steps: 

  • Adding the Run Speed of a device during the initial creation of the resource
    • When adding a new Device, there is a 'Run Speed' screen directly after setting up the cost of the resource
    • Selecting the 'Speed Settings' clock icon  to the right of a device name
  • Select 'Use variable speed (Long Run) if needing to set up variable speeds for the resource
  • Within the 'Speed' section of the 'Run Speed' screen, enter in a quantity under 'Quantity'
  • Select the hours, minutes, and seconds for this quantity under 'Hours, 'Minutes' and 'Seconds' respectively
  • Select 'Save'
    • Odyssey will provide the printer a graph of what the speed will look like over time

Example of a fixed speed for a digital press resource

Variable speed (Long Run)

  • Toggle 'Use variable speed (Long Run) if this speed is needed for your resource
  • Enter in the minimum speed this resource will run at long runs under 'Minimum Speed'
  • Enter in the longest run this resource can run at it's minimum speed under 'Longest run likely at Minimum Speed'
  • Enter in the maximum speed this resource can achieve under 'Maximum Speed'
  • Enter in the shortest run this resource can run at it's maximum speed under 'Shortest Run Likely at Maximum Speed'
  • Select 'Save'

Example of variable speed for an offset press resource

Testing Resource Speed

  • To test the values entered within the 'Speed' section of the 'Run speed' screen, enter in a quantity under 'Quantity' within 'Test Your Speed'
  • Select 'Test'
    • Odyssey will show the printer the time it will take for the entered quantity to be completed by the resource

Example of testing resource speed for a variable speed setup

Example of testing resource speed for a fixed speed setup

Adding a Setup Time

  • Enter in a time under 'Setup Time'
    • This time is considered the amount of time needed to set up the resource in order for it to perform a job
  • Select 'Add' to save the Setup Time for the resource
    • The saved setup time will be added to the time it takes for the resource to run when looking at a job workflow

Example Setup Time for a digital press

Adding Conditions

Odyssey allows for a printer to enter in Media thicknesses (in points) that affect resource efficiency.

  • In the 'Run Speed' screen, select 'Conditions'
  • Enter in a media thickness under 'Thickness'
  • Enter in an efficiency value (in %) under 'Efficiency'
  • Select 'Add'
    • Odyssey will create a bar graph depicting how the thickness of the paper affects the resource's efficiency

Example of three thickness values affecting the resource's efficiency

  • Select any of the white vertical bars on the bar graph to edit the thickness and efficiency
  • Select 'Save' to save an updated values
  • Select 'Cancel' if no changes are needed
  • Select 'Delete' if the efficiency is to be deleted

Example of editing a resource's efficiency

Additional examples of Run Speeds:

Example run speed for a cutting resource

Example run speed for a folding device